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Randy Topsek ([personal profile] graveyardgrass) wrote2010-02-26 03:10 am

Practice Practice

Just got finished with a little practice session on my keyboard. I think I've gotten a little rusty since I haven't touched the thing in a few months. Sometimes I think it might be interesting to try out for a band. I don't think I'm good enough to get into anything yet though. Maybe if I keep up the practice. Heh my dad tends to get a little pissed off when I crank up the volume while practicing too. So it has a small benefit.

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Oh, you're a musician?? That is so cool!! * 3*

Maybe you can play something for me sometime~ :33 If you ever get that webcam, I mean..

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Uh, maybe. I have a few recordings I might be able to share if I can figure out how to post them on the internet.

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Oh yeah?? I would like that a lot~~~~ :DDD

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Yea alright. I'll see if I can figure out where to host these fuckers.