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2010-03-03 06:44 pm
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Hah, what?

Today some fatfuck came up to me in the park while I was practicing my keyboarding. He started sayin shit about how cool I was and all that. But did he leave any money in the box? No, of course not.

He left and then came back about an hour later, still all up about commenting the shit out of my skills. The fuck, fatty?

He said we should "play together" sometime without even mentioning whatever instrument he plays. I bet he's lying and he's some kind of serial killer that just wants to carve my brain out. Like hell I'm going to fall for that.

Go fuck yourself, fatty.
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2010-02-26 03:10 am

Practice Practice

Just got finished with a little practice session on my keyboard. I think I've gotten a little rusty since I haven't touched the thing in a few months. Sometimes I think it might be interesting to try out for a band. I don't think I'm good enough to get into anything yet though. Maybe if I keep up the practice. Heh my dad tends to get a little pissed off when I crank up the volume while practicing too. So it has a small benefit.