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Just got finished with a little practice session on my keyboard. I think I've gotten a little rusty since I haven't touched the thing in a few months. Sometimes I think it might be interesting to try out for a band. I don't think I'm good enough to get into anything yet though. Maybe if I keep up the practice. Heh my dad tends to get a little pissed off when I crank up the volume while practicing too. So it has a small benefit.
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New online blog. I heard these are important to people now. Figure I might as well have some stupid place to type shit into when I get bored. Not that I spend too much time being bored.

My dad's still going on about me having some job or something. I never really pay attention to him while he rattles on forever about how I waste my life. He's just jealous he doesn't get any action. So he has to find a way to ruin mine.

Fuck him, I'm going to do what I want. He doesn't make me want to do anything for him when he calls me a faggot either. Not really helpin there, dad. Especially because I have a girlfriend he rammed down my throat, how can one be a faggot but have a girlfriend?

He needs to get with the times, with the fuckin trends and shit. Just because I have my hair dyed and a few piercings doesn't make me a faggot.

Though I suppose he's better off not knowing that I sometimes fuck around with guys. Still though, that don't make me a faggot.

heh, dumbass.


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